"April was extremely instrumental in helping me launch and build a company.  Her tenacity, work ethic, knowledge and sheer determination was a critical component to our success.  Her expertise in employee law, employee relations, benefits and recruiting was unmatched.  And, she did it all with such style and grace.  April was also key in developing the kind of corporate culture that I wanted.  She was extremely strategic in establishing goals early on so everyone knew what was expected.  April is an outstanding team member who would be an asset to any company.  They would be lucky to have her."
Dale Hopkins
IWIN Corporation

"April Tamuty was an invaluable member of the IWIN executive management team as Vice President of Human Resources & Administration.  She set-up IWIN's HR/Admin department from scratch and managed the company's rapid growth from 35 to more than 125 employees over a six-month period.  She did so in a manner that allowed other senior management of the company to focus on their respective functions without being distracted by the normal personnel challenges accompanying rapid organizational growth.  IWIN was successfully sold for nearly $100 million shortly thereafter.  If I ever had to do it again, my first recruiting call would be April."
Michael P. Beck
Director & Chief Financial Officer
IWIN Corporation

"April Tamuty is one of the most influential people that I have met since graduating from college.  Following closely under her wings as the Human Resource Coordinator at Iwin.com, I learned that being part of the HR team required the ability and the expertise to “wear different hats”.  With April’s past experience and knowledge in the different areas of HR, she was able to establish Iwin.com’s entire HR department as well as putting together many different social events and programs for the employees. At Iwin’s peak, April was able to grow the Iwin team from 35 to almost 150 employees in a very short period of time.  And through the hustle and bustle of it all along with the growth and changes of the Internet industry, April always amazed me.  She always made time to listen, to say “hi” to each employee by name, and to make sure that everyone was treated equally.  Working with April has definitely changed my life.  She has not only been a teacher and a mentor to me, but also an honest and trusting friend as well."
Cat Velante
Human Resources Coordinator
IWIN Corporation

"I contracted April Tamuty to develop and build our company's entire HR Department from scratch before we hired a single person, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.  She was essentially our third employee and although she only worked with us part-time, her ability to execute and attention to detail enabled her to surpass all of our expectations.  She was a critical factor in allowing our company to be so successful and ultimately selling the company for $10.8M and joining the Vivendi Universal family.  Our staff grew from two people to thirty and April made it an enjoyable experience.  HR is one of those departments that often get over looked when you are building a company and if you are successful, you realize how invaluable it is to have someone make sure you have followed the appropriate guidelines and can answer the tough questions.  I'll be calling April on my next project!"
Evan Rifkin
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Traffic Marketplace, Inc.

"Over the course of the 6 months I have known April, she has served as an invaluable resource to 1GlobalPlace for all facets of our corporate development.  She is extremely adept at attracting potential employees and was very talented at presenting the company in a professional manner in first round interviews.  She skillfully negotiated various contracts with professional recruiters, movers and health care providers.  And finally, she is very knowledgeable in the area of HR structure and was very helpful in setting up the proper paperwork controls and compliance procedures at 1GlobalPlace.  She is a consummate professional and I would recommend her services to any company in need of Human Resources consulting."
Kevin DiCerbo
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
1GlobalPlace, Inc.

"April Tamuty took on the position of Human Resources Manager of the Einstein/Noah Bagel Corporation and transformed the department from a hit-and-miss operation to a model of organization and efficiency, which is exactly how I would describe April's overall performance.  Her ability to identify and recruit the right people is incredible.  From the beginning of her time at ENBC she filled positions faster and with higher quality people than her peers.  This speaks to April's diligence, her creativity, and the warm personal manner that she used to attract only the top people to ENBC.  I hope that the praise of her skills does not overshadow the warm sense of humor and the personal touch that April brings to her job."
Tom Rickard
Director of Operations
Einstein/Noah Bagel Corporation

"April Tamuty is a total professional.  She sets high standards for herself and every task or assignment she takes on.  As a business owner, it is rare to find an employee that treats a business as though it were his or her own.  April is that rare person."
Nancy Haffner
Founder & President
The Haffner Group Inc.

"April was fluent with every aspect of HR, and required little supervision to get the job done.  While she eagerly took charge and drove projects to conclusion, she was always willing to entertain new ideas and participate constructively in brainstorm meetings.  April put a high priority to creating additional communication lines with employees, which improved morale and contributed to building a positive work environment.  She was very proactive in coming up with useful concepts to make the startup environment more fun, while maintaining professionalism.  April was well qualified for her job.  The team trusted her to get the job done and she was well like by her peers.  I can highly recommend April for any position in human resources."
Vacit Arat
President & Chief Executive Officer
Microfabrica, Inc.

Additional recommendations may be found on LinkedIn.